Kirby Ward

Kirby Ward

Award winning actor, director, writer, choreographer, and filmmaker

Dance Down The Path

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Dance Down The Path is a pop/folk song written and performed by my wife, Bev Ward, as part of her first EP, Bev’s Noble House of Pancake. For this video, I took on the duties of director, cameraman, editing and choreography. The entire video was shot on an iPhone 6s Plus.

When we decided to make a music video for the song, we tossed around a lot of ideas for how to film it. It wasn’t until we’d made plans to drive across the U.S. from Connecticut to San Diego that it occurred to me that a travelog style of storytelling could be a great format. So we charted a course through the United States that would take us past the most iconic images we could imagine.

We stopped first in Chicago, to shoot at Cloud Gate, the art installation fondly referred to as “The Jelly Bean.” Next came the Black Hills of South Dakota where we filmed in front of Mount Rushmore. We meandered through the southwest, stopping occasionally to shoot on abandoned train tracks and lonely rest stops along the way. In Utah, we shot in Arches National Park and, further south, on the famous road that weaves it’s way through Monument Valley. 

When we reached San Diego, we spent a day with the students of the San Diego Dance Association.

Returning to Connecticut, we made our way through the south and spent an afternoon shooting in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

No Green Screens. No Photoshop. This video is proof that we’re living on a beautiful planet!

The music is produced and arranged by our oldest son, Michael Ward. He’s also playing guitar on the track.

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