In 1990, Kirby had an opportunity to write for television. That year he submitted a speculative script to Hanna-Barbera Studios – home of Tom & Jerry and The Flintstones. They brought him in as a freelance writer and, over the next few months, he supplied a handful of scripts for two new TV shows – Wake, Rattle & Roll, and Monster Tails. This began his long and on-going contemplation of what makes a story – whether it’s a TV show, a film, or a theatre piece – compelling. His work with other top directors, choreographers, and actors, both nationally and abroad, have further informed his voice as an artist.

He collaborated with Randy Rogel, author of many of the songs written for the TV show The Animaniacs, to create the musical, The Gypsy King, which was produced at the Village Theatre in Seattle, WA. 

Mr. Ward’s original short film, Down in the Mouth, which he also directed and edited, has been seen in festivals across the country. It was awarded Best Short Film at the Kent Film Festival in Connecticut. 

Now in his fourth decade in the entertainment industry, Kirby is working to contribute his own new works to the libraries of American theatre and film.